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Hi, my name is El Moïz Ghammam.
I am a industrial product designer currently living in Brussels.

I have a bachelor degree in industial design with a focus on the technical part of product designing. Due to the feeling that I was missing an important part of what makes a good product designer. I looked for ways to be able not only to solve "a" problem, but to create a complete concept within the product has to be developed.

My journey was not complete, so I took courses at the National College of Visual Arts, La Cambre. There, I learned to combine technical knowledge with more artistic freedom.

My future goal is trying to achieve a human centered design, that by form abstraction achieves ergonomic elegance and always make sure everything in de products lifecycle is ethically correct.
All this preferably in the consumer electronics sector.

Feel free to contact me via info@mowzes.com for more information
or a CV request.