Render skills | 2010

This is the first project where I used advanced presentation techniques to communicate my idea's. Following six hairdryers, started as a doodle sketch and came to life by using Adobe Illustrator
and Photoshop. To aid the digital rendering of the hairdryers I used a Wacom interactive pen. I took my favorite concept, the wasp shaped model that I called 'Maya', and made a view in perspective and some technical features in detail to further master the skill of Wacom aided rendering.

Few weeks later I was introduced in 3D virtual rendering and by the use of 3D Studio Max I created an
interpretation of my favorite idea (Maya) and created 'The devil's hairdryer' a hairdryer with a 'The Devil Wears Prada' feel to it. The whole hairdryer was build using low poly modeling techniques and the standard mental ray render engine in autodesk 3D Studio Max.

Digitally rendered by hand

Moddeld and rendered in 3D Studio Max (Mental Ray)