Marriage between a sun screen and a parasol| 2011

To innovate in the commodity of parasols, a user centered design approach was undertaken. The survey, focused on the hospitality industry, illustrated that restaurants prefer to choose a canopy over a parasol. A marriage between a canopy and a parasol could be a great opportunity in the market.

My solution is based on the shape of the Opera House in Sydney. A single parasol can be used as a family parasol. When combining two or more in a row you can create a shed. Three in a circle create a beautiful tent for receptions, parties, etc. Because of the shape, the shadow stays under the object and no cast shadows force the user to move with them.

Shades move, are you supposed to move to?

Paper mockups and a desk lamp as the sun explaining the solution

Prototype on scale 1:20 showing different setups

Final product overview